Violent clash over LAC, three brave martyrs of India, five Chinese soldiers also killed

Violent clash over LAC, three brave martyrs of India, five Chinese soldiers also killed

Violent clash over LAC, three brave martyrs of India, five Chinese soldiers also killed.

Violent clashes took place between the armies of both countries near the Galvan Valley on the Ladakh border of India and China. In this, one officer and two soldiers of the Indian Army have died.

The ongoing dispute between India and China in Ladakh for a long time has deepened even more. On Monday night, there was a violent clash between the armies of the two countries. In this skirmish, two Indian Army officers and two soldiers have been martyred. This incident occurred when near Galvan Valley on Monday night, after the talks between the two countries, everything was going back to normal.

It is being told that some soldiers have been hurt not only towards India but also towards China. During this skirmish there has been no firing of any kind, that is, a scuffle took place.

The Chinese military has also suffered damage in the clash. 5 soldiers have died on the Chinese side. However, the Chinese media Global Times has refused to confirm this.

An official statement issued by the Indian Army said, “During the process of de-escalation in the Galvan Valley on Monday night, there were violent clashes between the soldiers of India and China. During this time one officer and two soldiers of the Indian Army have become martyrs. Senior military officials of both countries are holding a big meeting to calm the matter at this time ‘.

Chinese Foreign Ministry gave this statement

After this incident, the official statement of the Chinese Foreign Ministry has come out. Beijing on the contrary has accused India of infiltrating. According to the international news agency AFP, Beijing alleges that Indian soldiers crossed the border and attacked Chinese soldiers. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said that India should not act unilaterally in such a situation.

Trying to negotiate for a long time

Let us tell you that since the beginning of May month between India and China, there was a tense atmosphere near the Ladakh border. The Chinese troops had crossed the LAC set by India and had come to Pangong Lake, Galvan Valley. Nearly five thousand soldiers were stationed here on behalf of China, in addition to this, military goods were also collected.

Forces a few km. was retreating

Steps were being taken by the armies of both countries to end this dispute for a long time. Since June 6, several rounds of talks were going on, talks were going on between officers from CO to Lieutenant General Level. After which it was decided that the army of the two countries will retreat back a few km. But while this process was going on, violent clashes took place between the soldiers of the two countries.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh gave a consistent statement amidst the constant tension between the two countries. Rajnath Singh had said that talks are being held at the military and diplomat level with China, both countries want peace and the country’s honor will not be allowed to bow down.

There was a constant demand from India that the Chinese army implements the situation before April. That is, before April, where there was a Chinese army, they reached back there. LAC line is considered different from China, but India takes LAC to separate lines. There has been a dispute between the two countries about this. This situation has been created after almost 50 years when such a situation has arisen between India and China with LAC.

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