Secret features of Evernote

The secret features of Evernote can make notes more useful.

USEFUL and Secret features of Evernote – On this platform, you can store any kind of useful content from favorite content to normal content.

Many users of the notes taking app Evernote see it as an organization trick or archiving platform. On this online medium, you can store anything and retrieve it later. Apart from Web, Windows, Mac, you can use Evernote on platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

Secret features of Evernote
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Make tags to see content again

By creating a new tag and labeling important content in it, it can be easily found again. Tags are better than notebooks. To create a new tag, open Evernote, then in the left-hand menu, select Tags ┬╗New Tag and then give the new tag a relative name, such as” Content Re-Visit “and then hit the Enter button.

Set a reminder to revisit notes

Create a reminder to revisit important notes and make it part of your schedule. For premium users, it offers a built-in reminder feature that works for individual tags. If you use a To-Do-List app, create a recurring task to see Evernote notes again.

Re-visit notes like this

After opening Evernote Notes, click on the content re-visit shortcut and sort the notes accordingly: Edited Date ┬╗Least recent to most recent. After this, articles not re-visited for a long time will appear at the top of your re-visit list.

Save tag as a shortcut

Now click and drag your new tag to the shortcuts section of the left-hand menu. After this, with just one click, you will reach the notes that you want to see again.

Tag your important notes

This step may take time, as it depends on the notes available in your account. Read the notes included in Evernote and tag the most important of them with the new tag, so that you can see them regularly.

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