Best Revision Tips for Exam

Preparation of Exams

These are some Revision Tips for Exam that will help you when exam time is near. In such a situation, instead of focusing on the whole syllabus, if only revision is done then preparation is going to happen on time. And it will be fun to do this too, know-how.

Revision Tips for Exam
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Follow Revision Tips for Exam

These days, the practice of reading notes by photocopy or reading with online notes has increased. This approach is good to remember for some time but it is meaningless to hold on to the subject and expect to perform well in the exam with such studies. These shortcut methods may not be as accurate and helpful as long-lasting notes to remember. So make the right study material and flashcards, which can make learning easy and fun.

1. Study Material

When making notes, it is very important to be clear in the mind what and how much we have to write. When we know what to write, the remaining things clear themselves.

2. Bullet Notes

Making notes of whatever subject. First, write the chapter related to it. For example, if you want to make notes of the first chapter, then write the first topic of it and make separate columns related information like dates, place names and their particularity. Write down the specific date or place or any character in it. This will make it easier to remember important information.

3. Short Tricks

It is considered an easy way to remember. Big sentences are broken into words and divided into words. For example, division, addition and subtraction can be memorized by creating a DAS. Likewise, the help of such tricks can also be taken to remember the place and years in history. All can make them according to their own.

4. Change the Fonts

Do not keep the handwriting same while creating notes. Try to write different information in different ways. For example, in bold letters, write the dates in tall fonts. Write the remaining information in the calligraphy style. This will make the characters sit in the brain and leave their image. This will bring his picture in the mind at the time of examination.

5. Diagram

This approach is quite new and effective. In this, the picture related to the subject is made with its name. For example, when talking about the Himalayas, a picture of the mountain can be made together, or when it comes to a ruler, you can make a picture of the Taj. This makes it fun to remember the subject.

6. The Helpful Card in Revision


Flashcards are the easiest way to remember at the time of the exam. Card sheets are made by cutting them into small pieces of 2-3 inches. These include more information in fewer words.

Colour Card

In this, information about different subjects can be written on different coloured sheets. Information related to history can be made red, then green flashcards of English. This makes it easy to find out about which subject is in which flashcard. You can also put these cards in the ring.

Trick based Card

In these types of cards, the subject is written in front and at the back, they write the necessary information in fewer words. For example, if you want to write about the reign of Akbar, then you can write about Akbar and the time of his reign and his dynasty in the front so that we can remember the rest of the things on seeing the name.

Chapter Card

If you want to make flashcards more knowledgeable, then you can put chapter number in lowercase letters along with writing the topic further on the cards. You can also draw pictures with the rest of the information behind.

Heaps Style for Quick Revision

In this method draw three heaps. There will be cards in the first stack, yes in the second and no cards in the third. Now take flashcards of one subject which you think has been completely missed. Check, if you remember everything, then keep it in the stack of yes. If you can’t remember anything by looking at card two, then keep it in the stack. If something is missing in the card of a subject, if not something, then maybe keep it in the wall. As the time of examination increases, you will be assured that the preparation has been completed.

Summary – Revision Tips for Exam

Follow the above tips for quick revision.

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