PM Narendra Modi’s Mann ki Baat on Corona Virus Lockdown

PM Narendra Modi’s Mann ki Baat on Corona Virus Lockdown

PM Narendra Modi’s Mann ki Baat on Corona Virus Lockdown. PM Modi said- The fight for life-death from Corona. I apologize for the trouble caused by the lockdown. Increase social distancing, decrease emotional distancing.

PM Narendra Modi’s Mann ki Baat on Corona Virus Lockdown

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday met the country in his radio program Mann Ki Baat. This was the 63rd edition of the Mann Ki Baat program. The Prime Minister said – I usually bring many topics in my mind. Today the Corona crisis is discussed worldwide. It would not be appropriate to talk about other things in this situation. Some decisions have to be taken that have caused trouble for the poor. I apologize to all the people. I understand all your troubles, but there was no choice in the fight against Corona crisis. Nobody likes to do this, but I want to keep your family safe. So again I apologize. On March 24, Modi announced a lockdown across the country for 21 days (till 14 April) in his address to the country. On 22 March, there was a public curfew across the country on Modi’s appeal, but in the evening people were seen on the streets in many places.

Most important things in Modi’s mind

Show patience, follow the lockdown

The Prime Minister said that it has been said that measures should be taken before the disease. Corona is adamant on destroying humans. So all people have to unite and take a pledge to follow the lockdown. One has to show patience in lockdown. Some people do not understand corona severity. But I want to say, do not live in this misunderstanding, many countries are ruined. There are many warriors who are making invaluable contributions in the fight against Corona.

Fighters share their stories

I also got inspired by talking to Corona Fighters. Ram Kumar, recovering from Corona, said that I work in an IT company. I went to Dubai in the last few days, after returning from there infection was detected. I felt very strange at the hospital for a few days. The doctors and nurses gave me the assurance to be fine by talking 2 to 3 a day. I was in Quarantine when the family came to know. Now I live in my separate room throughout the day. Modi told Ram to create audio of his experience and put it on the internet so that people can take inspiration.

Agra elder tells the story in Mann ki Baat on Corona Virus

73-year-old Ashokji said- My two sons went to Italy for work. When he came back, he had some problems. He went to RML Hospital in Delhi, where the test positive came. After this, our other 6 people of Agra were found positive in Safdarjung Hospital. We were taken by ambulance from Agra to Delhi. My family and I did not have any problems in the hospital. The behavior of the doctor and nurse is very good. We are grateful to the hospital staff. I’m glad I talked to you. We are all healthy. Modi said- Ask people in Agra to follow the rules. Offer food to the hungry. We respect your courage and understanding.

Prime Minister also talked to some doctors on Mann ki Baat on Corona Virus

Dr. Nitesh from Delhi said that we are engaged in serving the people in army mode. You are providing the essential things. We explain to patients not to panic. You will heal in 14-15 days. After that when the test report comes negative then you can go home. We encourage our team to be cautious about treating patients better and protecting themselves. Modi said- the experience of the world shows that the infection of this disease suddenly increases. We have to make constant efforts to ensure that this situation does not occur in India.

16 patients from Pune hospital recover and go home

A doctor from Pune told that 16 infected people had come to our hospital, out of which, 7 we have been cured and discharged. The remaining 9 are undergoing treatment. We are checking and counseling them daily. Their condition will also be cured in 4-5 days. If any suspects are found, we home quarantine them. Wash hands frequently at home to avoid infection. We tell people to stay indoors for 14 days and stay quarantined. We are confident that we will win this battle. Modi said- Friends, we have to bring the advice of doctors and their words in life. Acharya Charak has said that he who works for the spirit of the patient, not for money and any special wish, is the best doctor.

Thank people who are helping you

In Mann ki Baat on Corona Virus, PM Modi said With the help of doctors, nurses and other colleagues like you, we are able to fight the war against Corona. We have made a provision of a health cover of 50 lakhs for these people. Niranjan of Bengaluru has written that such people are the real heroes of daily life. Think about the grocery storekeepers and drivers near you who take the risk and serve the people. Banking employees are also engaged in continuous work. We should also thank the e-commerce staff for delivery to home.

Increase social distancing, decrease emotional distancing

In Mann ki Baat on Corona Virus, PM said some such things have come to know that people are mistreating the home quarantine people. This is wrong. We have to quarantine to stop the virus but do not cut off from society. Some days of social distancing have to be done. We have to maintain our relationship with them. Today is the time to rejuvenate relationships. I say increase social distancing, decrease emotional distancing.

Help people in distress – PM said during Mann ki Baat on Corona Virus

Some people have asked how I live in Navratri. I told you to stay in homes but look into your own mind. We have to follow the Lakshman Rekha. I am not a fitness trainer, but I have benefited from some yoga rugs. So during lockdown you can also do these. During lockdown, if we come to know that a poor is hungry or in crisis, we will help him first. We have to break all the walls to save the country today. You stay at home, stay safe, we have to win this battle. I wish you all the best.

Transition cycle has to be broken

On March 24, Modi said, “To save India, this 21-day lockdown is very important. This will be stricter than the public curfew and in a way it is curfew. Forget what it is to get out, forget it for 21 days. If not 21 days, then your country and your family will go back 21 years. Social distancing is essential to combat Corona. We must break the cycle of transition. Corona can be avoided only if the house’s Laxman Rekha is not crossed.”

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