PM Modi likely to address the nation on lockdown possibly extend to 30th April

PM Modi likely to address the nation on lockdown possibly extend to 30th April

New Delhi. The lockdown period is set to end on 14 April amid rising cases of coronavirus. Earlier, along with Odisha, the Punjab government has also announced to extend the lockdown. After this, the conference of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s with Chief Ministers of all the states through video conferencing has ended. After this, it is believed that the lockdown increase is almost certain. Presumably, this can be extended to 30 April. PM Modi likely to address the nation on lockdown possibly extend to 30th April. During the conference, the PM was seen wearing a mask on his face.

PM Modi likely to address the nation on lockdown possibly extend to 30th April

Now during the conference, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has talked about the extension of the lockdown, while Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh have also demanded to push it further.

Arvind Kejriwal has said that there is a need to increase lockdown in Delhi. At the same time, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said that the lockdown should be increased but the industries and farmers should be given relief.

If the lockdown is decided, it is believed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can formally announce it on Saturday evening. There is currently a lockdown until 14 April. The lockdown is believed to be extended for one to two weeks. Meanwhile, there will be strictness in some areas.

Coronavirus infection has increased in the last 4-5 days in the country. In such circumstances where the situation in some districts has improved, in some, it has worsened. Corona patients are also coming in some areas where till now everything seemed controlled. In some states, only the Chief Minister is anticipating community transmission. This is obviously a delicate period for India. In such a situation, the video conferencing of the Chief Ministers with the Prime Minister on Saturday is very important.

In fact, in the last meeting, the Prime Minister had asked all the Chief Ministers for suggestions on the way out of the lockdown. By that time, it seemed that after April 14, it could be gradually phased out. But in two days, the way Odisha and then Punjab themselves have decided to increase the lockdown. The numbers are increasing in big cities including Mumbai Delhi. Until a few days ago, almost corona-free northeast also known corona positive patients. Two dozen patients have appeared in Bihar at one time. In such a situation, it is believed that hardly a Chief Minister will talk about removing the lockdown in the meeting held at 11 am on Saturday.

Keep in mind that in the all-party meeting two days ago, opposition leaders also expressed solidarity with the Prime Minister’s decision to lockdown. The further decision was also assured to remain unanimous. It is believed that the Prime Minister can again address the country on Saturday evening. Putting the opinion of the entire country in front, we can tell that due to the lockdown, India has managed to stop the pace of Corona. Now the fight to stop him completely remains.

Modi Government choose health over economy

It has already been announced by the Central Government that the Center will bear the full financial burden on itself to fight this epidemic. On Friday, the entire preparation was reviewed under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office PK Mishra. The availability of PPE and other essential materials as instructed. Along with this, the schemes run for the poor were also reviewed. It is expected to address the nation by PM Modi on lockdown possibly extend to 30th April

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