PM Modi Addressed to the nation on the Corona crisis – Janta curfew should be imposed across the country

PM Modi Addressed to the nation on the Corona crisis – Janta curfew should be imposed across the country

PM Modi Addressed to the nation on the Corona crisis. Prime Minister’s appeal – Janta curfew should be imposed across the country from 7 am to 9 pm on March 22, do not leave the house even if it is not necessary during the rest of the time.

Modi said- we have escaped from Corona, it is not right to think right now; We have to resolve self-restraint to defend ourselves. Do not panic in times of crisis, there is no need to gather the necessary things unnecessarily; Supply of essential goods will continue.

PM Modi Addressed to the nation on the corona crisis

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the nation regarding the Corona crisis. He said that the world is in the grip of this epidemic. I need a week’s time from the countrymen. It is not right to think that we survived from Corona. We have to take a pledge not to go to the crowd for rescue, besides the 60-65-year-olds should remain isolated for a few weeks. I appeal to all to observe the public curfew on March 22 from 7 am to 9 pm and make people aware of it.

Modi started the address and said, “My dear countrymen! The whole world is going through a very serious phase of crisis at this time. Generally, when a natural crisis occurs, it is limited to a few countries or states. This time it is such a crisis, which has put the entire human race in crisis around the world. For the past two months, we have been watching and listening to the worrying news coming from all over the world due to this disease of Corona. In these two months, 130 crore citizens of India have been steadily combating the global epidemic like Corona. All the countrymen have also tried their best to take necessary precautions, but in the last few days, an atmosphere has been created as if we are saved from the crisis.”

You give me a week

“It seems that everything is fine.” This belief that we got relieved from the global pandemic Corona is not correct. Therefore, it is very important for every Indian to be aware of it. Friends! Whatever I have asked you, I have never been disappointed by the countrymen. It is the strength of your blessing that together we are moving forward towards our set goals and have also succeeded. Today I have come to ask some of you 130 crore countrymen. I would like to have your coming week. I need your coming time. My dear countrymen! So far science has not been able to suggest any definite measures to avoid the corona epidemic, nor has there been any vaccine. In such a situation, it is very natural for everyone to be worried. In the countries of the world in which the corona virus and its effects are being seen more, there is another point in the study. In these countries, after the initial few days, a sudden explosion of the disease has occurred. In these countries, the number of people infected with corona has increased very rapidly. The Government of India is keeping a close watch on the track record of the spread of this global pandemic. However, there are some countries which have taken necessary decisions and handled the situation by isolating their people more and more and the role of citizens has been very important in it. “

130 countrymen have to pledge

“Corona’s crisis is not a normal thing for a country like India with a population of 130 crores. Today, when we see the widespread impact of the epidemic in large developed countries, it is wrong to believe that it will not have any effect on India. Therefore, to combat this global epidemic, two major things are needed. First – Resolution. Second – restraint. Resolution and restraint. Today 130 crore countrymen will have to make their determination and firm that we will perform the duty as a citizen to stop this global epidemic. Will follow the guidelines of the Central Government and State Governments. Today we have to take a pledge that we will prevent ourselves from getting infected and also prevent others from getting infected.”

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