Importance of Breakfast

Do you know, why Breakfast is an important meal of the day? Do breakfast like a king because it is the most important diet of the day. We have all been reading and listening since childhood. Yet there are very few people who follow this and have breakfast on time. Many people avoid breakfast and give a reason like sometimes going to work early, or saying that they are not hungry in the morning. Remember that breakfast in the morning keeps us energetic throughout the day. Taking breakfast full of vitamins and minerals keeps the body healthy. Not eating breakfast causes weight gain, heart diseases, diabetes, and stress.

Breakfast not only gives energy but is also helpful in preventing heart diseases.

Morning breakfast is important
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What are the benefits of Morning Breakfast

  • Breakfast prevents daytime headaches and acidity.
  • It is beneficial for those deficient in vitamins ‘B-12’, ‘D’ and ‘Iron’.
  • Ensures that the body’s cortisol levels remain balanced (reduces stress).
  • Having breakfast in the morning also relieves the habit of overeating.
  • Reduces the craving for consuming substances like tea, coffee, cigarettes, and chocolate.
  • Taking breakfast also increases your memory.
  • It helps to improve metabolic rate.
  • Make breakfast at home. Always cook food and eat it fresh. Avoid canned and bottled things. Such as packed grains, oats, and juices, etc.
  • It reduces stress levels.

Simple Breakfast Ideas

1. If you eat lunch at one o’clock or later, then choose the traditional breakfast like Poha, Upma, Idli, Dosa Parantha, for breakfast.

2. If you have to leave early in the morning or have a habit of eating food until eleven in the morning, then take dry fruits or bananas.

3. If there is no time for cooking in the morning, then you can eat leftover rice or chapati by frying.

4. Homemade laddus with Sattu, millet, pulses, nuts, and jaggery can also be taken in the morning.

5. It would be good to take a cup of milk with dry fruits.

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