Increase Insulin Sensitivity

Focus to increase insulin sensitivity

If the secretion of insulin in the body is not done properly then the symptoms of pre-diabetes will start appearing. At the same time, the risk of type-2 diabetes also increases. Actually, insulin resistance warns you of diabetes. In such a situation, if you pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, then you can control diabetes. For this, take a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Exercise and diet will control blood sugar, as well as heart problems will also be reduced. Excess fat can also be reduced by paying attention to the insulin resistance diet. Let’s know about such useful tips, which will increase insulin sensitivity.

Increase Insulin Sensitivity
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Focus on healthy fats

You should opt for healthy unsaturated fat in the diet. These fats slow down the digestion as well as supply essential fatty acids. Include linseed and walnuts in your diet. These have healthy fats as well as high amounts of protein, magnesium, fiber, etc. In addition, avocado and olive can also be good choices.

Diet tips

Unprocessed food should be consumed instead of high processed and packed food in your diet. Actually, hard processed foods like white bread, pasta, rice, etc. suddenly increases sugar in the body. Such foods are very harmful. In addition, processed food has a high amount of saturated fat, which increases insulin resistance. This is why these foods increase the risk of diabetes.

Quantity of vegetables

In addition to low-calorie intake in vegetables, fiber content is also high. These types of food manage blood sugar. To make insulin active, include tomatoes, green beans, carrots, colored peppers, green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, etc. in the diet.

Fiber feet

High fiber foods should be included to increase insulin activity. Apples, berries, bananas, grapes, plums, peaches, etc. can be beneficial in this. Include foods with a low glycemic index in your diet. These foods control blood sugar.

Dairy Products

To strengthen bones and teeth, pay attention to calcium foods in the diet. For this, dairy products should be selected. When choosing dairy products, keep in mind that the amount of fat in them is low. High-fat foods affect insulin. Apart from this, consuming soya milk or cow’s milk will be more beneficial.

All kinds of grains

To maintain insulin activation, it is important that your diet should be full of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Some people reduce the amount of carbohydrates in their diet to control blood sugar, but it is not a healthy way. Carbohydrates work to give energy to the body. So pay attention to unprocessed food to maintain insulin activation.

Beans and Pulses

Beans are also an excellent source of fiber. Consumption of beans does not increase blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Diabetic patients should especially consume red and black lentils. If you are choosing dry beans, make sure that it does not contain salt. Similarly, you can also include certain types of nuts and seeds in the diet. These nuts contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

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