Corona effect on the environment – Europe and Asia is now breathable

Corona effect on the environment – Europe and Asia is now breathable

Corona effect on the Environment – Due to reduced pollution, 70 thousand lives were saved in China in 100 days, the air of Europe and Asia is now breathable

Traffic down in the US, carbon dioxide emissions down by 10%

Industrial activity has also decreased in many cities of the US after the outbreak of the Corona infection. According to research by Columbia University, traffic in New York City alone has decreased by 25%. The emission of carbon monoxide is reduced by 50% and carbon dioxide by 10%. Combining Asia, North America, and Europe, 88% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions are obtained from here. According to the report ‘Our World in Data’, China and the United States together emit 42% of the world’s carbon dioxide.

China’s crude oil, coal consumption decreased by 36%, pollution decreased by 25%

Industrial activity in China has been temporarily halted to prevent corona infection. Consumption of crude oil and coal in China has also fallen by 36% in a month. In addition, China has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 200 million tonnes in February, which is 25% less than the previous year. Professor Marshall Burke of Stanford University has reported that in the past 100 days in China, about 50 to 75 thousand people have survived pre-mature deaths due to the lockdown caused by the corona virus.

For the first time in 10 years, the sky of Mumbai was clearly visible.

Here in India, also looking Corona effect on the Environment. Here, pollution has also reduced in India. Most people are imprisoned in homes for protection from Corona. Employees are working at home. In such a situation, the sky and air in Mumbai are getting clear. People wrote on social media – ‘For the first time in 10 years the sky was clear.’

NASA showed a difference in pollution from satellite picture

Corona effect on the environment – Europe and Asia is now breathable

Recently NASA has released a satellite image. It showed the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of major cities in the world, which disappeared in the month of March.

At present, more than 180 countries of the world are in the grip of coronavirus. But scientists have also discovered its positive effect. Due to less pollution, nitrogen dioxide levels in China have decreased significantly. The sky is clear. The water in the canals of Venice, Italy, has also been cleared. Pollution levels have also fallen in America.

Sources: Dainik Bhaskar

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